monaThis is the zone that I’ve been operating in for the past week. Is it because of the weather? Am I trying to cover other issues by staying busy? Or am I just trying to bring to life the ideas in my head?

Honestly, I think it’s been a bit of all three. I was standing in line at the grocery store and I looked over and saw the cover of “O” magazine. It asked the question “What’s the next chapter of your life?” I smiled to myself sarcastically and said yeah like I really know. In retrospect that’s the thinking that has kept me where I’m at today…I kind of let things happen and act and re-act as issues and opportunities come along. So after this realization I said to myself, “Self, write the next chapter, put on paper what you want to happen”…begin looping towards that goal. Demand the best that you can offer for yourself.

This month is Black History month, what a wonderful time to write my own future story. There are celebrations happening all around the city. Try to get out and take the family. Learn while singing, dancing and celebrating. Enjoy!