MamaOver the last year, I’ve received many inquiries wondering where I’ve been, why wasn’t I posting as much (Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, etc.); folks wanted to know if I was still crocheting….over all the question has been: “What happened to you?”

Some of you might know that I lost my mom, Clearetta Smith, in September of 2013. She was my mentor, teacher, shopping companion and friend. Has it thrown me off my game? 100% Yes!!! Mentally I’ve been on leave and working as if running in mud.

Last week I had a thought which manifested in her voice asking me “Lisa, what are you doing? Stop being half-assed and get to work!”. The very next day one of my followers sent me a note which simply said “We miss you”. I thought to myself “I’m here, right here”. I’ve been functioning, and going through the motions; posting, but not wholeheartedly…In essence, I’ve been absent in your presence.

I always tell people, “when you come to a roadblock, move to action”, but I haven’t been taking my own advice. The only way to overcome an obstacle of any kind is to move…while moving most times you will come in contact with just the right advice, the right contact, or the right information that will help you remove or lift your roadblock. It’s time for me to take my own advice.

I’m going to put every effort into not just being present, but getting back on my game. So what does my game board look like? What is my next move?


Square 1: Must write patterns – I OWE folks the patterns that I’ve been promising for 3 years…they are coming. For every pattern completed, move forward 2 squares.

Square 2: Must complete at least one NEW design weekly – I’ve got 10,000 new designs floating in my head….gotta get them out….go back 2 squares if not completed.

Square 3: Sort my stash – OMG!! OMG!!! I need to stay out of the stores and get off the internet! Before I order one more skein of yarn, I’ve got to use more of what I have. Time to create. Move forward 1 square for every skein of yarn used that is already in my stash. Move forward 3 squares for staying out of the stores!

Square 4: Get published. Not only do I want to write some individual patterns, I have an idea for a book that I need to get published. Move forward 5 squares when I get published!

Square 5: Get back posting – I miss interacting with fellow crocheters, loyal and new customers, and those who just appreciate the art. The feedback helps generate new ideas and I miss y’all too.

Square 6: Knotty Loop needs to travel – East Coast / West Coast be on the lookout. If there are any shows (fashion shows, festivals, or vending opportunities) that you think would be a good fit, I’m open!!! Send me the contact information and I’ll take it from there.

Square 7: Get this Newsletter out monthly (and on time) by the 15th of each month.

Square 8: Youtube videos/tutorials….These should be fun!! What do you want to see?

Square 9: Host a crochet brunch….Let me know if you’re interested. Just a few hours of the day spent crocheting and exchanging ideas – maybe once a month.

I’m going to try to keep moving forward and shake off this stagnating mammoth that has been laying on my creative spirit and get back to being me. I know my mom will walk beside me every step of the way – smiling!!!

Upcoming Events

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Saturday, August 29, 2015
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