beinspiredSo what is your next project? Please don’t tell me you don’t have one. Whether it’s creating with yarn, a new exercise program, a room addition, painting a flower stand, or reading a book…you have a project in mind to complete. Share your project, I promise someone will be inspired! I really want to use this newsletter and social media, not only to promote my business, but also to encourage like-minded souls to inspire one another. No project or idea is too big or too small to share.

So how am I doing on my game board (my projects)? Well I’ve definitely been playing. I’ve developed 6 new styles that I presented at 2 fashion shows in one weekend….whew!! A special thanks to Mr. Blake Martin and Ms. Meme Rollins for including my creations in their shows. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what you missed. This video definitely brought a smile to my face; It gives you a bit of behind the scenes/backstage action…a party within a party! Lots of nervous excitement, models and designers coming together to present their best work


I made some progress on my pattern writing and working with the photographers to make sure that I have supporting photos. I started sorting my yarn…it’s worse than I ever dreamed….someone handcuff me to my chair and keep me out of the stores! And yes, I had to move back 5 squares! I lost points within days of challenging myself to stay out of the stores…doggone Joann’s for their Coupon Commotion Promotion. I’m doing better now, and I have moved forward a few squares by pulling from my yarn stash. I have some GREAT yarns that I totally forgot about…excited as day one!!!


Headway into writing my pattern book? I’m looking for the right publisher, so not as much as I would like…it’s been a busy month. I need to make some connections to help me on this one?? If you have information please share. Facebook and Instagram posts….I’m back. I will keep you up to date on what I’m working on. Travel….on Nov. 7th I’m headed to Louisville, KY (did y’all think I was kidding). Looking forward to working with the ladies of the Jack and Jill of America, Inc. (details below). Come on East Coast / West Coast / Midwest send me the info for events / fashion shows and I’ll take it from there.

Remember with every project; treat it as the first. Go in with nervous excitement knowing and accepting that things might change mid-project. Remember that every project is a learning experience that takes you into the next great journey.

Continued Peace!

Upcoming Events:

Slay Fashion Show
October 3rd, 2015
SRB Cultural Center
4046 Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL

Pampered Princess Fashion Show
October 24th, 2015
8005 183rd St. Suite D,
Tinley park, IL 60477

Jack and Jill of America
November 7th, 2015
Louisville Marriott Downtown
280 West Jefferson
Louisville, KY 40202

One of a Kind Show and Sale
Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
December 3rd through the 6th
Email me for Free Tickets